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“It truly makes me happy”


“Leaving people with a memory they'll never forget makes it all worth it."

"Purveyor of The Good Vybz, the one that makes you dance." That's how Shaaa describes herself as a dj. She's one that is daring and unafraid to explore all genres of music. Whether it's electronic dance music, pop, hip-hop, etc. that gets you going, DJ Shaaa is guaranteed to keep you on the dance floor all night. Hailing from the small city of Augusta, GA, Shaaa developed a love for music before she realized she had a love for music. From listening to her MeMa spin vinyl disco and early 80s records to her moms’ unconditional love for RnB, she developed an ear for music at an early age.

DJ Shaaa taught herself the basics of mixing and blending using the computer program Virtual DJ, which was given to her by a coworker. It wasn't until relocating to Atlanta, GA that she discovered her passion for DJing and started to take the craft seriously. DJ Shaaa enrolled in Scratch Academy to learn the history of DJing and the fundamentals of scratching. It wasn’t long after, she landed her 1st Friday night residency at a local club. Since then, she has been an active member of the DJ community around Atlanta building relationships with her fellow peers, as well as building a fan base. Her most recent accomplishment includes winning a residency at the W Hotel in downtown Atlanta through their dj discovery competition.

"It's like being responsible for people's happiness. When I look out on the dance floor and see people smiling and having a good time, it truly makes me happy. Leaving people with a memory they'll never forget makes it all worth it."